Are bingo players superstitious? Find out here!

Bingo is a game of chance and winning or losing solely depends on your luck. In such case, believing in something that you think can turn the tables to your side is quite natural and acceptable. There are a lot of players who will agree to this and for those curious to know why and how, read about the lucks below!

1. Lucky numbers:

Now, this is an obvious one. Bingo is a number game and if you do not have a lucky number to get started with, are you even a bingo fan? Weather you play bingo online or at bingo halls, 90% of the players are believed to have a lucky number associated to their bingo games. Players always hope to win on their lucky numbers despite the possibility being the least.

2. Lucky charms:

According to statistics, 4 out of 5 people carry a lucky charm. These can be in the form of money, coins, gemstones, rings, neck chains or anything that gives the assurance of winning, can become a lucky charm.

3. Lucky time:

To some players, a particular time period is said to be the be their lucky time. It can be due to the reason that they have won the most in that time slot. The reason could however differ from player to player.

We don’t know how true these superstition are or weather to believe in them or not. But what we are certain about is, in the end, bingo is all about having a good time and if you truly enjoy playing bingo then winning or losing should not be a great deal.

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